Script wars is a site where you can write small scripts, in any language you want. These scripts then play simple games against the creations of other like-minded people, or if you are feeling brave, my own personal concoctions, for honor and glory (and also the chance to replace the top AI).

The games are designed to have simple rule-sets and yet have potential for innovation and deep tactics if you are feeling up to it. So while you can make something functional within 100 lines, you will need to put in some real elbow grease if you are looking for world domination.

This site was designed to help my fellow software students hone their coding skills so some knowledge of at least one programming language is assumed. That being said there are fully functional coded examples given for every game, so feel free to copy paste and see what happens.

~ James Brown

Available Games

Tanks 0

How To Compete

Library downloads, more coming soon!

To take part, first download the library of your choice from the list on the left and include it in the project. For example in java this can be done by adding script-wars-client.jar to your classpath. This can be done by clicking Properties/Java Build Path/Libraries/Add External JARs... in eclipse or using the -classpath .;script-wars-client.jar flag on the command line tools.

Once you have grabbed your library of choice select a game from the section above and use the examples, information and documentation there to make a world conquering AI. Press the join button and use the ID given to you to connect to the site by passing it to the library you downloaded. For example the low level Java library asks for the ID in the constructor as follows network = new Network(ID, "", "John Smith Low Level");

Please note that languages other than Java may only have access to the low level library.

More information can be found on the individual game pages and in the project JavaDocs found at the top of this page.

How to Contribute

This project is in the early stages of it's development and you are encouraged to take an active role in it's development. The GitHub page is linked at the top of the page and contains detailed information about what is needed and how to contribute to the project.

There are several parts of the project that need assistance. Firstly I would dearly like to have more games than Tank Game. This requires basic knowledge of java and a cool game idea. Secondly libraries in other languages are something I am always looking for, this is a little bit more involved and will require low level UDP and/or TCP knowledge.

Other than those specific things please feel free to report any bugs you find, improvements you want or cool ideas you have by submitting an issue here.


I could not have done this without the following people chipping in and helping out, I am eternally grateful.